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The city of Marrakech has influences from Berber, Arabic, French, and African cultures. You can see the unique cultural impact all over the city. From lively market places and palaces, there is so much to do in this ancient city. 

History of Marrakech

From neolithic times the Marrakesh area was inhabited by berber nomads, Though the main city of marrakesh was founded in 1070 by Emir Abu Bakr ibn Umar as the imperial capital of the Almoravid Empire.Marrakesh was and is still today one of the citadels of the muslim world,the city’s main ramparts and structure were buit around the period of sultan Yusuf Ibn Tachfin and his son Ali ibn Yusuf, they also completed further mosques and palaces, and developed an underground water system in the city known as the rhettara to irrigate their new garden.the ramparts remain to this day very well preserved.

Marrakesh is also known as the resting place of Morocco’s seven patron saints(sabaatu rijal). Marrakesh kept her reputation as great citadel for Morocco and the muslim world until early 20th century where it became a huge tourist attraction after it attracted several celebreties such as Winston Churchil,The Beatles,Yves saint laurent, The Rolling Stones.     

Marrakesh in 1640
Marrakesh in 1640

The Souks 

The Souks of Marrakech are the largest marketplaces in Morocco. These world famous marketplaces are some of the most unique in the world and offer an almost unlimited array of goods. The souks are the heart and soul of Marrakech and have been the hub for trade in the city for over a thousand years. Over 3000 stalls sell a variety of goods such as spices, scarves, pottery, leather bags, carpets, lanterns, and much more. These markets have changed very little over the past millennium and walking through the narrow streets can make you feel like you’ve gone back in time. Even if you’re not interested in shopping, the exhibition of the souks is worth experiencing first hand. While the sounds and chaotic energy of the souks can be overwhelming at first but if you’re prepared, you’ll be in for an amazing experience.

Souk in marrackesh
Souk in marrackesh

Jemaa El Fna 

The Jemaa El Fna is impossible to miss. This square is in the city’s center and acts as the main gathering spot for the entire city. During the day you can find dozens of entertainers, snake charmers, food vendors, fruit juice vendors, fortune tellers, and monkey trainers. As the day progresses, the type of entertainment and vendors change as well. At night a whole

new group of people come out such as storytellers, dancers, magicians, musicians, and artists. The nightlife of Marrakech is found in the Jemaa El Fna with endless things to keep you entertained such as henna artists, comedians, and acrobats. Further into the night, when the square fills with people, many food vendors open up selling grilled meats, vegetables, and couscous. The cultural importance of this place is visible over every inch of the square and needs to be visited by every tourist that comes to Marrakech.

jamaa el fna marrackesh

Bahia Palace 

Within walking distance of Jemaa El Fna is one of Marrakech’s most beautiful pieces of architecture, the Bahia Palace. This 150 room palace was built in the 1800’s and over the next few decades grew as more land was bought around it and expansions were made. After changing hands many times after the death of Sultan Abdelaziz, the palace finally fell under the control of the Moroccan Ministry of Culture under King Hassan II. Once under the control of the Ministry of Culture it became open to the public (Although the King of Morocco still uses it at times).

This palace shows the lavish lifestyle that the Moroccan elite used to live in and is an architectural wonder. The home itself is not unified (due to the many expansions over the years) but it comprises a number of inner courtyards filled with orange trees and fountains, beautiful stained glass windows and tilework. If you love architecture, art, and history, this is a must see on your trip to Marrakech.

bahia palace
Bahia palace

Marrakesh nightlife

One of the best things about Marrakesh is that even after you get bored of all the beautiful and historic destinations available in the city,which I’m sure you won’t, is the amount of restaurants,bars and clubs in the city, sometimes people just want to dress up and head to the club or to a cozy bar and Marrakesh offers a variety of locations to choose from. Here are some of the locations that people enjoyed and have a good reputation in the city.

There are just a selection of the very well known places,there are many that you can search for online. 

Tips for Planning Your Trip 

Hotels in Marrakech 

Hotels in Marrakech are surprisingly affordable. You can get a four star hotel for only a little over $100 a night with free breakfasts and beautiful swimming pools. There are also quite a few all inclusive resorts for very reasonable prices. If you’re looking for a more traditional stay, there is always the option for staying at a riad. A riad is a guesthouse that is usually a bit cheaper than hotels, while unassuming from the outside, riads offer beautiful architecture inside.

Here is a list of best Marrakech Hotels and Places to Stay recommended by Tripadvisor

Best Time to Visit Marrakech 

The best time to visit Marrakech is between March and May and between September and November. These are considered to be shoulder seasons in Morocco with average temperatures from the mid 70’s to the mid 90’s. These seasons also offer affordable hotels in Marrakech as it is not the highest tourist season. If you want to go another time of year, be prepared for temperatures as low as 40 degrees and as high as 100. 

Marrakech, Morocco is a breathtaking place, and one you should consider adding to your bucket list. This city offers amazing architecture, history, art, and food. The nightlife is fun and entertaining, with no chance of ever leaving you feeling bored. Accommodations are reasonably priced and beautifully decorated. Beware that once you come, you may never want to leave.

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