Dakhla Morocco: the most attractive foreland of the Atlantic


If you’re a watersports fan then you probably heard about Dakhla, if not then let me elaborate on why you’re missing out on a lot. Located in southern Morocco, Dakhla is a small coastal tourist city, the beauty of its beaches and wildlife never ceases to amaze visitors from all over the world, its climate and uniquely shaped beaches make it one of the world’s best destinations for watersports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, and surfcasting. So if you’re planning to get out of your comfort zone and suck at a new watersport while enjoying it consider adding this peninsula to your bucket list and here are some more reasons why.

Dakhla’s unique location.

The greater Dakhla region is uniquely shaped, it is like a land appendix into the water, decorated with small islands the bigger and the most beautiful of which is called the dragon island, dragon-like and emerging from deep waters, it is truly a mysterious wild beauty. The bay also offers an oyster park which gives visitors an opportunity to enjoy oysters freshly harvested from the lagoon.

The diverse wildlife.

Although the Dakhla region is quite poor in vegetation and agriculture, it is famous for its diverse wildlife ranging from land mammals like foxes, hyenas, gazelles, and even possibly cheetahs to aquatic mammals such as dolphins and whales. people also enjoy seeing lots of pink flamingos gathered in lagoons, this beautiful diversity in wildlife motivated UNESCO to support the creation of a national park for the preservation of these natural treasures.

Kitesurfing heaven.

Thanks to its frequently windy climate and vast bay-like beaches Dakhla Morocco is the perfect spot for watersports. The Dakhla lagoon is a heavenly spot for Kitesurfing and windsurfing fans, it is surrounded by sand and is quite unique because where you can literally kitesurf with flamingos and dolphins.

The Best Surfing hotspot Are in Dakhla Morocco.

Thanks to the windy climate throughout the year, Dakhla is a primary destination for surfing, it has several places but the main spots are La Sarga, Point d’Or, Arish, and Foumbouir.

Foumbouir is internationally recognized as one of the best surfing places in the world and also hosting internationally renowned surfing and kitesurfing championships

(2013 & 2014 PKRA Kitesurfing championship,2015 VKWC (Virgin Kitesurf World Championships) and GKA Grand Slam Wave and Strapless Freestyle Tour) were all hosted in Dakhla.

Delicious Seafood.

Dakhla has a big oyster farming industry, it not only provides oysters for restaurants all over morocco but also exports large quantities of them abroad. Morocco’s cuisine internationally renowned for its diversity makes good use of this oyster and seafood business in general by making delicious dishes such as fresh shrimps, spicy crabs, and fish carpaccio.

Ancient Monuments in Dakhla Morocco.

Although Dakhla is a small city it has a rich history, it has been influenced by many cultures throughout its history, Arabs and Berbers were the first people to settle in Dakhla, then came Spanish people, also Mauritanians and Saharawi nomads are among the people who influenced its culture. So when you come to Dakhla make sure to visit the Spanish cathedral, the Old mosque, and Dakhla center, and the Handicraft Center.

How to get to Dakhla.

Dakhla has a small airport which you can get to domestically from Casablanca Mohammed V Airport (CMN) or internationally from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport (LPA) If however, you are a fan of long road trips you can rent a car from any airport in Morocco and get to Agadir where there is a highway covering 62% of the way to Dakhla which is roughly 1,174.6 km (I know its a lot but you get to see all the towns in Moroccan Sahara Laayoune, Tarfaya..). I personally did this road trip and at the end of the trip, my car plates were erased due to friction with sand particles LOL! You can also take the bus from Agadir(CTM or Supratours). Finally, I hope you enjoy your visit to Dakhla.

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