9 Best things to do and enjoy in Morocco 2021

Morocco is a marvelous country. Located on the northwest side of the African continent. One can explore lots of things in this place. Hiking, rock climbing, surfing, there are lots of adventures to do. Along with these adventures, there are beautiful landscapes to be explored,deserts, beaches, mountains, big cities, and small villages. The culture of this country is unique. In this article, we mentioned the nine best things to do in morocco.

What to do in Morocco?

Visit Atlas Studios

Atlas Studios are at the edge of the Atlas Mountains; that’s why it was named after those mountains. The Atlas Film Studios are the largest film studios in the world that cover an area of more than 322,000 sq. ft. 

Lawrence of Arabia, The Mummy, The Last Temptation of Christ, Kingdom of Heaven, part of the Games of Thrones TV series and many more were shot in the Atlas Studios. Don’t forget to visit the amazing Ksar of Ait Benhaddou Kasbah; it is very close to the studio.

Atlas Studios
Atlas Studios

The Hassan II Mosque

In Casablanca, one of the most popular attractions among tourists is the Hassan II Mosque. To build this great detailed architectural masterpiece, it took almost five years and thousands of Moroccan artists. The plaster moldings, Mosaics, marble and stone’s floor and ceilings made of wood. These structures of the Hassan II Mosque are absolutely astonishing. 

The Hassan II Mosque
The Hassan II Mosque

Tourists visiting this place have to dress very well. They have to cover their shoulders, neckline, arms, and knees completely. They have to wear socks because while visiting the place, they have to remove their shoes, these guidelines are a way to show respect to the religious holiness of the mosque.

Traditional Hammam/ Steaming at Morocco

One of the rites of Moroccan people is the Hammam or public bath steam. The hammams are not only a place to bathe and clean oneself but also offer a social place for talking or gossiping. In this way, one was able to meet and socialize with the local people of that place. Nowadays, the most likable Hammam is the one that offers a fascinating insight into the culture of the Moroccan people.

Moroccan Hammams offers the visitor a chance to get the best cleansing and exfoliation. These are some of the most relaxing things to do in morocco. One can also go for an upscale Hammam at riad that allows private treatments and the use of high-quality cosmetic products of Morocco. 

Surf at the Coast 

For surfing lovers, the Moroccan Atlantic coast is their way to go. Many world-class surfers also come to this place. For them, Taghazout is their best destination for surfing. Taghazout is located in the north of Agadir. 

Surf Morocco
Surf Morocco

The beginners of surfing go for the popular Essaouira beach. In that area, the waves of the sea are gentle. In Morocco’s Atlantic coast, there are waves for all levels of surfing mastery. From September to April, the winter season’s swells are the best for visitors in this time range. One should visit these places within this time range. 

Colonial french architecture buildings in Casablanca  

One will feel that they stepped into a time machine when they will visit downtown Casablanca. There are lots of historic buildings to visit, and French architects included the Art Deco movement that was made in the early 20th century. Some of them are well maintained, but a few of them are not. 


The place shows the history of early 20th Morocco as a French colony. The Place des Nations Unies is a beautiful square to visit here, there are a huge number of shops, offices, and restaurants. This is a busy street in Morocco. 

Visit Marrakesh Medina 

Marrakesh Medina is a major tourist attraction due to the bustling and vibrant buzz of this place. From the vast plaza of Djemaa el-Fna square, this old city of Marrakesh. In this place, half of the city meets up through the day. One can meet lots of local people in this place in the daytime. 

jamaa el fna marrackesh
Jamaa El Fna marrackesh

And in the evening, there are lots of stalls, snake charmers, traditional musicians, and random acrobats. The best thing to do in Morocco is to find happiness in these little things with family and friends. The Medina is a place of colors and noisy local life; enter this world of maze-like alleyways.

Spending night at Desert of Morocco 

The Sahara desert is one of the best places in Morocco. The stunning sands and the views of the Sahara desert are just amazing. The views of the desert starting from the view of night stars and the sunsets from the back of the camel are memorable for the lifetime, thanks to low light pollution you can see the milky way galaxy clearly visible in a wallpaper-like view.

The desert camps of Morocco are filled with carpeted ground covers, tents, restrooms, and lots of entertainment. One can enjoy a traditional meal in the carpets, dessert trinkets, and soft lighting available inside the tents.you can enjoy these camps in towns like Merzouga and Zagora south-east Morocco.

Night at Desert of Morocco
Night at Desert of Morocco

Hiking and rock climbing on the Todra gorge 

In the eastern part of the High Atlas Mountains, the Todra Gorges of Morocco are river canyons. From all around the world, the huge rock walls of Todra Gorge attract rock climbers. Beyond the gorge, there are lots of beautiful trails to enjoy during hiking in the mountains. 

Todra gorge 

The hiking trail of this place starts at the north of the gorges and ends at the south entrance of the gorges, at a Berber village named Tizgui. Most people visit this place in the spring and autumn season.The gorges are near the town of Tinghir.

Strolling through Chefchaouen’s blue streets

Morocco’s Rif Mountains’ escape settlement is this dreamy place Chefchaouen. For people looking for adventure and fitness fanatics, this place is perfect for them. This city is named blue pearl for its stunning structure. 

chefchaouen blue pearl

It has many themes like cyan, Robin’s-egg, Powder blue, Indigo, Azure, Periwinkle, Cobalt, and many more. This city is painted in an endless array of shades. One has to travel through the road to reach Chefchaouen, which allows the visitors to explore more little things to do in Morocco

The endless memories

In Morocco, there is an endless list of top things to do in morocco. The unique culture captures the eye of everyone. Come with family and friends to enjoy every beauty of Morocco and go through those places mentioned in this place. 

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